Aromatherapy will make you feel much relaxation with many variety of Aromatherapy bead which contain relaxation oil such as Lavender, Rose, Mixed flowers, etc.


Marino spa can provide you both Pneumatic control for public use for more durable and electronic control for easily control for private use.

Filtration System

To make water in your spa pool clean and clear from dust, leaves, oil, dirt, we provide you filtration system of floating system, cartridge filter etc.


Warm water will promote blood circulation. When stay in spa water will corresponding to aleviate the pressure on the joints and muscles and also cure the tension. Will relax rigid muscles and reduce pain.


Marino spa jets are adjustable direction function which could achieve a great effect of the massage.

Air jets provide powerful massage action for more relaxation and release muscle fatigue.


We provide LED Chromotherapy which produce more light per watt than normal bulb.


Ozonator injects millions of tiny high concentrations ozone air bubbles into water which can inhibit the production of pollutants.

Spa Cover

Spa cover to prevent your spa from sun UV, to prolong your spa shell. Can be selected any color that match your style and wood cabinet.