To choose a shower screen for your bathroom, first, you need to see whether your shower area has a rectangular shape. Minimum height of 1.85 meters are required for the walls that the shower screen will be fixed to.

We can also provide made-to-measurement shower screen for specific design. Our technicians will visit your location to measure the exact size of your shower area and provide design suggestions.

Here are general guidelines for choosing a shower screen.


Choose between a straight shower door,in case that there are 3 walls surrounding the shower area, and a corner shower in case that there are only 2 walls surrounding the shower area.


Choose between a slide shower door or a swing/pivot shower door. For a swing/pivot shower door, there must be enough free space in front of the shower area so the shower door will not be obstructed by anything when it is pull open.


Decide whether you need a shower tray or shower step. Shower tray and shower step are used to contain water within the shower area, so other areas of the bathroom will not be wet. Tray and step are recommended if the shower area is on the same level as other parts of the bathroom.


Handle and other accessories. We have many designs of handles to match your personal preference.